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Craig, Lauren & Liam


We know that every moment is fleeting. As we build our family, we find ourselves wanting travel to be easier than ever. Lets face it, life can be crazy. This part of life should be worry-free. Our mission is to bring people together through adventure and exploration. We don't need more distractions; we just want a simple way to experience life with each other on the open road.

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Director of Marketing & Communications

Favorite destination: Telluride, CO
Favorite outdoor activity: surfing or skiing

Amy is from Colorado, where she worked as a Mountain Guide for 5 years leading backpacking trips in the Rockies. She moved to Pensacola for college, where she learned to surf and became a freelance graphic designer and marketing director. Since then, she has worked as a guide and a freelance marketer for several mountain biking, surfing, and backpacking companies throughout the years. When she’s not working, you can be sure she’s out running, mountain biking, or away surfing at the beach.

Email: support@gearboxrentals.com